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Due to the pressures of working a well needed weekend away was required. We decided that Lake Naverone was a great way to ditch the busyness of day to day life and relax and wind down. The drive through some very scenic KZN countryside set the tone for a relaxing weekend in some truly beautiful surroundings.



We arrived on a cold clear afternoon following an easy 3 hour drive via Underberg. The turnoff was easy to find, and the tar gave way to a well-kept dirt road. Following the signposts to reception was simple, and some amazing views of the 2 lakes opened up on our left and right as we drove. We were greeted by a friendly and enthusiastic Kevin at reception, who swiftly confirmed all items where in order, and gave us our final instructions and the keys to our chalet. The chalet was easy to find and we soon were settled in.


The chalet was nestled in a slight dip on the lake shore surrounded by some good tree cover. This gave uninterrupted views over the water and the foothills of the berg, as well as isolation and privacy from other residents. The chalet itself was a quaint stone and thatch structure, which while well-furnished and comfortable, was extremely cold and for the majority of the stay the outside air temperature was much preferred. The bedrooms where equipped with electric heaters, which served in part to offset the temperatures. The main living area had a large fireplace, but poor quality wood meant the fire was challenging to start and did not warm the room as much as was hoped. The Outdoor SA team however would still return, either in the warmer summer months, or bringing our own supply of wood for the fire.



The area boasts numerous trails through the foothills of the southern berg, varying in difficulty and duration. Due to the short nature of the stay however, we didn’t have the time to explore any of these. The resort also offers mountain bikes for hire, paddle boats on the lake, and horse rides through the trails at very reasonable rates. It must be noted that each chalet comes with its own private jetty and row-boat so a lovely evening paddle on the lake capped off a relaxing afternoon. The lake offers fly-fishing with either your own tackle or with tackle for hire if this is more your thing.


As our stay was rather short, we cannot comment fully on the area, however we were well taken care of, and will definitely be returning for a longer duration and to fully experience everything a lovely piece of the South African countryside has to offer. We definitely recommend it as a great escape and would really suggest spending more than a few days there to experience everything on offer.

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